torsdag 23 november 2017

The Sunk Cost Fallacy

David McRaney, March 25th 2011, Your are not so smart

How a potential loss affects our decisions more than a potential gain.

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onsdag 25 oktober 2017

tisdag 5 september 2017

Hot Stocks Can Make You Rich. But They Probably Won’t.

Jeff Sommer , May 12th 2017, The New York Times

Stock picking is a bit like buying a lottery ticket - this fact is shown by research.

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måndag 28 augusti 2017

How the Wealthy Talk to Their Children About Money

Paul Sullivan , May 19th 2017, The New York Times

Talking to children about money they will inherit is not an easy subject. What are the solutions to help parents reach out to their children on this subject ?

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måndag 3 juli 2017

Yes, Numbers Matter in Money Decisions, but So Do Emotions

Carl Richads, May 8th 2017, The New York Times

Often investors make decisions based on their emotions instead of looking at numbers only. This article also underline a simple fact: money is there to help you reach your goals and be happy, not to make more money.

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fredag 12 maj 2017

How to Get a Straight Answer About Adviser Fees

Michael Wursthorn, May 7th 2017, The Wall Street Journal

If you can’t get a simple answer to the question “how much fee am I paying?” then you should change financial advisor.

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torsdag 20 april 2017

Why we think we're better investors than we are

Gary Belsky, March 3rd 2017, New York Times

Psychologists weigh in on some of the biases and cognitive errors that help explain why we think we are better at active investing than we really are.

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tisdag 28 februari 2017

Trump Moves to Roll Back Obama-Era Financial Regulations

Ben Protess & Julie Hirschfeld Davis, February 3rd 2016, The New York Times

Trump revisit the rules enacted by the Obama Administration after the 2008 crisis, reversing the "Fiduciary Rule" policy which required for the broker to act in the best interest of their clients.

torsdag 5 januari 2017

Most Banks Are Screwing Up On Their Stock Picks

Jeff Desjardins, November 30th 2016, Visual Capitalist

Review of the bank’s recommendations of stock picking in 2015 – the results are disappointing.

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